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4711 ~ Margarida Photo Album - 4711 ~ Margarida

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4711 ~ Margarida


The acquisition of the Siemens series 4700 locomotives by Portugal took place in 2009 with the aim of improving the transportation of goods through the renewal of the railway fleet. With a maximum speed of 140km/h, these locomotives became key pieces in the transportation of heavy and bulky loads, providing greater efficiency and safety in the process.

Equipped with advanced safety technology and state-of-the-art control systems, the Siemens series 4700 locomotives allowed for faster and more efficient transport of goods, increasing transport capacity and reducing travel times. In addition, these locomotives have high durability and resistance, making them ideal for railway transportation of goods.

Since their introduction in Portugal, the Siemens series 4700 locomotives have been widely used in the transportation of goods throughout the country, being essential for trade and industry. Their acquisition was an important step in the development of railway infrastructure in Portugal, improving connectivity and efficiency in the transportation of goods and contributing to the national economy.

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