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EuroSprinter 4716 ~ Barbara Photo Album - EuroSprinter 4716 ~ Barbara

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EuroSprinter 4716 ~ Barbara

In 1992, a demonstrator was built to show what Siemens-KraussMaffei had to offer the German railways, as they were planning in giant new orders to rejuvenate their fleet. This machine, the designated 127 001, convinced many, but this did not result in the desired German order, due to many economical and political changes. Nevertheless, the DB demanded it to be re-engineered and so its concept did end up in the DB 152 series, and in the Austrian OBB Taurus locomotives, so it did get its multi-purpose successor everyone dreamed of, only in a different package.

In 2000, the 127 001 became part of the newly erected Siemens Dispolok pool for locomotive leasing. That's why the pink colour of the cabs was changed into yellow, Dispolok-yellow. As Siemens sold its Dispolok activities to MRCE from Japan in 2006, also the EuroSprinter became property of this company. This lasted until 2010, when Siemens decided to buy the locomotive back from MRCE, being an important item in its locomotive building history.

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