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UME 3400 / Viriatus - 3416 Photo Album - UME 3400 / Viriatus - 3416

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UME 3400 / Viriatus - 3416

The 3400 Series (3401-3434 and 3451-3484), also known as UME 3400 and Viriatus, is a type of self-propelled electric drive, at the service of CP Porto (business unit dedicated to the urban service of Greater Porto by the operator Comboios de Portugal). Formed by 34 units, they were initially designed to provide service in the Greater Porto Suburban Unit and in the Cascais Line.

Originally part of the CP2000 family, this series of railcars was reclassified as Series 3400 by the operator Comboios de Portugal. They were built by a consortium between Siemens and Bombardier, and the mechanical parts and final assembly were carried out at Bombardier Transportation's facilities in Amadora, near Lisbon. Each complete unit cost around 4.56 million Euros, which totaled more than 155 million Euros for the series. This series entered service on 17 November 2002, and is intended for suburban services in Porto.

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