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M20 Armored Utility Car Photo Album - M20 Armored Utility Car

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M20 Armored Utility Car



Country of origin: United States of America
Builder: Ford
Function: Armored car
Weight: 6 575 kg
Length: 4.93 m
Width: 2.54 m
Height: 2.32 m
Crew: 2 + 4
Engine: Hercules JXD, 110 hp at 3200 rpm
Suspension: 6x6
Maximum speed: 90 km / h road; 40 km / h off-road
Autonomy: 560 km
Front hull shield: 19mm
Lateral shielding of the hull: 9mm

Armament / Equipment

Primary Armament
  • 1 M2HB .50 (12.7 mm) machine gun

User Countries:

  • United States of America
  • France

During World War II, the M20 Armored Utility Car (multipurpose armored vehicle) served as a command or liaison vehicle within the different weapons of the American army, both in Europe and in the Pacific. This M20 belongs to the 6th Mechanized Cavalry Group (which had just replaced the 6th Cavalry Regiment) of the 8th Corps of the Third Army, deployed in Germany in February 1945. The vehicle is painted in the traditional olive green color (Olive Drab Nº. 9) of the US army. In the two rear fenders, as well as at the front, the device is decorated with the emblem of the Allies in Normandy, a white five-pointed star within a white circle.

On both sides of the hull, and above the supplementary safe located between the first two axes, the tactical number, the abbreviation «USA» (United States Army, or United States Army) and the vehicle nickname - Rusty - were marked with yellow ink on the stencil. Finally, the codes for identifying the unit were also inscribed in stencil, with yellow paint, on the front and rear of the vehicle.

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