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TPz 1 Fuchs Photo Album - TPz 1 Fuchs

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TPz 1 Fuchs

Country of Origin: Germany
Builder: Thyssen-Henschel
Function: Armored Pessoal Transport
Weight: 18.3 t
Compression: 7.33 m
Wingspan: 2.98 m
Height: 2.37 m
Engine: Mercedes-Benz Model OM 402A V-8 - 320hp
Suspension: 6x6
Maximum Speed: 105 km / h (10 km / h in water)
Autonomy: 800 km
Armament / Equipment
  • Primary Armament
    • I tied 3 Rheinmetall MG3 machine guns (7.62mm)
  • Secondary Armament
    • Misseis anti-tank MILAN
    • Smoke Grenade Launchers
Using Countries:
  • Alemanha
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Netherlands
  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Venezuela

Since 1979, more than 1000 TPz 'Fuchs' have been developed by Daimler-Benz and built by Thyssen-Henschel to supply the German army.

It is used for a variety of functions, including troop transport, transport engineer, bomb disposal, NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) reconnaissance and electronic warfare. By mixing and matching the different models and retrofit kits, today more than 90 different combinations are possible, 32 of which have been produced so far. The TPz “Fuchs” is also referred to as a “retrofit platform”.

It has a top speed of 105 km/h, and a range of 800 km. The “Fuchs” is 7.33 m long, 2.98 m wide and 2.37 m high, weighs 18.3 tonnes with the capacity to transport an additional 6 tonnes in equipment.

This 6x6 APC is characterized by high performance in all terrains and low noise. Its propellers mounted on the rear 360° turning range, allows the vehicle to overcome water obstacles with speeds up to 10 km/h.

The “Fuchs” TPZ can be equipped with up to three 7.62mm Rheinmetall Mg3 machine guns (natural), one of which is mounted on a manually controlled turret. The “Fuchs” of the armored reconnaissance Battalion, Panzergrenadiers (mechanized infantry), the Franco-German brigade, the mountain infantry and the Jäger (Rangers) of the German Army are also armed with “Milan” anti-tank missiles (in this max configuration two MG3s can be mounted).

Most vehicles are in service in the German army (1003 - 144 updated), the rest are the armed forces of Saudi Arabia (36), the Netherlands (23), the United Kingdom (11), the USA (123, such as M93 Fox) and Venezuela (10). The “Fuchs” were present in the Gulf War and in peacekeeping operations with German KFOR troops in former Yugoslavia and German ISAF in Afghanistan.

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