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Bombardier 1962 ~Douro Photo Album - Bombardier 1962 ~Douro

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Bombardier 1962 ~Douro


The operator Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses ordered a total of 43 locomotives from the Canadian house Bombardier - Montreal Locomotive Works, for a global price, including spare parts, of 12,134,879 Canadian dollars.

The first 13 units would be manufactured by Bombardier itself, while the remaining 30 locomotives would be manufactured in Portugal, by the conglomerate Societies Reunited of Metal Fabrications, in cooperation with Alsthom. However, only the first 13 locomotives were supplied, having been manufactured in 1979, and put into service in the first half of the same year.

After their introduction, they became the most powerful locomotives in the Portuguese Railways fleet, dethroning the 1800 Series.

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