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Siemens EuroSprinter ES46B1 - 4715 ~ Liliana Photo Album - Siemens EuroSprinter ES46B1 - 4715 ~ Liliana

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Siemens EuroSprinter ES46B1 - 4715 ~ Liliana

The Leixões Line, also known as the Porto Belt Line, Porto Circunvalação Line, or Leixões Circunvalação Line, is a rail link between the Port of Leixões and the Contumil station, on the Minho Line, in Portugal. This line, about 18 km long, is used for freight traffic, with passenger service until 1987 and between May 2009 and January 2011. Between Contumil and São Gemil stations, it has one of the most accentuated slopes. of the Portuguese network. It was inaugurated in 1938, and electrified in 1998.

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