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Do you want to increase the likelihood of winning a prize in Viking Lotto? This application helps you achieve that goal! Based on an algorithm that calculates the highest probability of certain numbers.

Viking Lotto is a lottery game that started in 1993 and is played in nine European countries. It is known for its large accumulated prize and its growing popularity throughout Europe.

The game consists of choosing six numbers from a set of 48 possible numbers and an additional number, known as the "Viking Number" from a set of eight possible numbers. The goal is to correctly guess all six main numbers and the Viking Number to win the accumulated prize. However, it is also possible to win smaller prizes by correctly guessing fewer numbers.

Draws are held every Wednesday, and the revenue generated from ticket sales goes to various charities throughout Europe.

With its attractive odds and multi-million euro prizes, Viking Lotto is an exciting and popular game throughout Europe.

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