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Meu Calendário CP

Meu Calendário CP


The Meu Calendário APP is a personal calendar optimized for your work schedule. It provides a range of features that are tailored to suit your personal needs and ensure that you stay on top of your work schedule.

Here are some of the key features of the app:

  • View your work schedule and supported schedules
  • Change rotation
  • Track PBs, Rests Off Site, Absences, and more
  • Check holiday plans
  • Add personal notes
  • Search for trains
  • Search within the fixed service
  • Search and contact colleagues
  • Share your rotation with colleagues
  • Backup your data in multiple clouds and locally
  • Shared Dropbox
  • GPS Alarm
  • Check train delays and schedules
  • Start-of-rotation alarm
  • Offline access
  • Widget for quick access
  • And much more

With the Meu Calendário APP, you have everything you need to stay on top of your work schedule. Whether you want to track your absences or check the train schedules, this app has got you covered.

Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to optimize your work schedule and make your life easier.


Android Installer

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Meu Calendário CP
Meu Calendário CP
Meu Calendário CP
Meu Calendário CP
1.21.9 - 2016-03-16
- Foi adicionada visualização geral das Horas de entrada dos colegas da escala.
Na Janela que lista todos colegas da Escala, um clic longo em cima do Icon que está entre os dois Botões permite ativar a visualização das horas de entrada de todos os colegas da escala.
Novo clic longo em cima do Icon, volta à listagem da Rotação de cada um.
O clic curto no Icon, permite visualizar a partilha On-Line da Rotação efetiva (como já era).

- Corregido o erro que duplicava a Horas dos comboios sempre que o serviço fosse alterado ou editado.

- Ligeira alteração estética da app.

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Additional Information

Updated: 2024-05-20
Current version: 1.90.6
Minimum Android version supported: >= 4.0.3
Programmer: Vitor Mendanha
Contact Programmer: /?contact_mendanha

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